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Our mission is to start movements, connect and support everyone who feels intrinsically and passionately motivated to collaborate in Doing the Great Work of Healing Our Waters.

World Water Community Start Up Phase

by Everine van de Kraats

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Amsterdam, Netherlands

Everine van de Kraats

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Our mission is to enable collaboration for Doing the Great Work to Heal Our Waters by starting and supporting movements, initiatives, projects, research and development, as well as connecting everyone who feels intrinsically and passionately motivated for water. The World Water Community is set up in support of movements that create impact on society around our common theme of water. We support and follow the principles of OceansX. OceansX trusts the unlimited human potential. It brings momentum to this potential and connects it to create true value for people, our society, and the world. OceansX is an environment where intrinsically motivated individuals can find each other and bring about decisive movement in response to complex societal challenges. Practically we aim to do the following:

  1. Provide a global water community platform; thereby creating opportunities for you to connect, ask questions, share and find experience, knowledge, solutions, projects, services, events, and inspiration.
  2. Provide a marketplace for solutions and services, events and learning courses; thereby making it easier for seekers to find relevant content, and providing a broad audience, and reducing the logistics for providers and users.
  3. Support movements, initiatives, and projects; thereby helping with OceansX Boosts and OceansX project driving, a funding platform, sourcing, and access to useful software and tools, enabling a kick start of movements.

Our intention is to provide an open, accessible and inclusive collaborative space to Do the Great Work to Heal Our Waters, with no barrier to join, connect and contribute. To make this community platform financially sustainable, we invite anybody who can support us to offer a donation for the ongoing upkeep and development of this World Water Community. The personal investments we are making, both financially and in time, are substantial, and the costs for maintaining and expanding the platform will increase. Thank you for helping this platform become all it can be in service to the healing of our Waters! See you in the World Water Community, Bastiaan Bosch and Everine van de Kraats


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